Real Stories--Real People

"I'm excited to do this workout starting today....I also love that it's a real class and you get to see your body type in the class doing what you probably thought you couldn't do....I'm proud of the older ladies in the back, especially the one in the yellow shirt...she kept up really well....." Sarai Juelz

"You're so energized and the things you do are so easy, this is great!!" Aisha Khan

"I've been super uninterested in teaching Zumba lately, but this just rocked my world. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Emily Green

"I love Mo Better Me classes. I workout to these videos everyday." Cherie Spland

"What I love most about this video is all the different sizes of beautiful women. No woman can watch this and say they can't do it because all these different sizes of beautiful women are doing it and doing it great!" Sunshine

"Wow this woman is amazing." Rosy

"What a gift you have. You're helping to set people free!" Punch

"Love,love,love your video's. They inspire me as well as motivate me. They make me want to do more,try more and be the "Best Me" I can be. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful stories. You Rock!!!" Gloria Simmons