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"Whatever you want to be, you already are."--Camela 'Professor D' Douglass

"Whatever you want to be, you already are."--Camela 'Professor D' Douglass

"Whatever you want to be, you already are."--Camela 'Professor D' Douglass "Whatever you want to be, you already are."--Camela 'Professor D' Douglass

professor D

is a purpose-driven, vivacious professional whose primary goal is to profess truth and teach individuals how to R.E.A.D. Refine, Empower, Activate, and Deliver on their purpose.

Mo Better Me Visionary--Camela 'Professor D' Douglass, M.S.ED.

Camela is product of her own services.  Weighing over 200lbs. and wearing a size 16/18 from high school through college., Camela was finally fed up! She took the responsibility of her own self-determination by hiring a personal trainer and making healthy lifestyle changes.  The result, a 50lbs. weight loss, a new wardrobe, and a new lease on life.



We believe that no two people are the same and that we are all original individuals.  Diets don't work--people do. The concept of one size fits all is deceptive and keeps people oppressed. We strive to activate the untapped potential in our clients through 1) Refinement 2) Empowerment and 3) Activation and 4) Delivery

The results: becoming the best version of you. 


Pushed by Passion, Driven by Purpose

Camela is a gifted motivator and teacher. She is authentic and very passionate about empowering individuals to maximize their potential for greatness. She easily connects with her clients because she understands the struggle.


Your Struggle is Real!

I AM Because I was


Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching is a future focused practice that helps clients determine and achieve realistic goals. We are trained to use inquiry, reflection and discussion to help clients change their perceptions about limiting beliefs and move ahead to develop strategies and action plans that will bring about a happier life.  


Refinement Training

We are very passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through fitness classes and training. We love the challenge and rewards of helping our clients feel and look Mo Better.  We make every effort to help our clients live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.      



EmpowerMove is based on realistic approaches to lifestyle change through personal development, self-discovery, health & fitness components, and social interaction.